Gazyk | Supply Chain Services Policy
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Supply Chain Services Policy

An effective and efficient supply chain is essential to the success of Gazyk. Our overall objective is to maximize value for the company through best in class planning, sourcing, procurement and delivery. This is achieved through the rigorous use of systematic and integrated processes to select, develop and manage our supplier base. We work with our suppliers in a socially responsible and ethical manner and continuously seek to improve the way in which business is conducted. Our focus is to procure and deliver products and services when required, with no defects, and at the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Gazyk Supply Chain encompasses the core activities of demand planning and of identifying, selecting, developing, collaborating and managing sources of supply and delivery of goods and services. The Supply Chain organization is responsible to ensure that:

  • Gazyk procures goods and services that meet requirements and are delivered on time while minimizing the total cost of ownership.
  • Security of supply and delivery of the required goods and services is assured.
  • Supply chain processes are continually reviewed, improved and consistently followed in accordance with other Gazyk policies.
  • All suppliers and contractors providing goods and services are formally approved, regularly reviewed, and managed in accordance to all relevant Gazyk policies and standards.
  • Suppliers are actively managed in order to continually improve quality, delivery and costs of their

goods and services.

  • A cross business perspective is taken to highlight opportunities, identify synergies and make best use of Gazyk’s purchasing power.
  • Training is proactively managed to develop a top performing workforce.

Performance of the Gazyk Supply Chain is assessed against the criteria of quality, delivery, cost, availability, and customer satisfaction. Defined metrics are used to measure operational performance and identify opportunities for improvement within Gazyk and its supplier base.

All employees are required to conform to this policy as it forms the basis by which we effectively manage our supply chain and contribute to the long-term business success of Gazyk.