Gazyk | Personnel Security Policy
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Personnel Security Policy

Gazyk recognizes that exposure to violence, blackmail, threats, kidnapping, conflicts or civil unrest exists worldwide and there exists the possibility that our personnel can be exposed to or involved in such events.

It is Gazyk’s policy therefore, to conduct its worldwide businesses in a low profile and professional manner, which provides for optimum protection of its personnel and assets in events of political or criminal aggression.

Although we believe that personal security is the responsibility of each one of us, Gazyk’s Personnel Security Policy acknowledges, particularly for those personnel who are in unfamiliar environments, the need for the company to provide critical support to the individual efforts.

The Policy consists of the following actions that will be implemented across the company:

  • Guidelines on good security practices to our employees and their families
  • Assessment of potentially hazardous situations jointly with our customers
  • Definition of risk level and performance of security audits by a third party, if required
  • Preparation of relevant protection and evacuation plans
  • Coordinated Response in the event of security related incidents.

Management is responsible for the implementation of the Personnel Security Policy with the support of the QHSE and Risk Management organization in cooperation with our customers and national authorities.

In each country where a potential risk exists, Gazyk Chief Security Officer shall be in charge of coordinating the implementation and execution of the Personnel Security Policy.