Gazyk | Employment Practices Policy
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Employment Practices Policy

The success of Gazyk depends on its ability to attract, develop and retain a highly competent diverse workforce, and on the creative, effective and productive work life of all Gazyk employees. We believe that talent exists across all population groups, and diversity of employees is a key business objective of Gazyk. We will conduct our business with due regard to the human dignity and innate worth of each individual.

Gazyk policy follows and encourages nondiscriminatory employment practices worldwide. All decisions and actions regarding employment matters, including such things as hiring, development, compensation, promotion, transfer and termination must be taken in an objective, honest and nondiscriminatory manner. We realize that business decisions should include family considerations whenever possible. Respect for each individual must be maintained and everyone must be able to work in an environment free from sexual or any other form of harassment. Each employee must be secure in confronting issues without fear of retaliation.

Gazyk is an international organization operating throughout the world. It is expected that all employees work together in the spirit of equality and mutual respect. Gazyk normally does not hire close relatives of an employee such as spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister. In the judgment of Gazyk, the hiring of relatives may cause conflict of interest or give rise to problems with respect to supervision, safety, morale and/or security. The decision to hire a spouse must be made on a managerial assessment of Gazyk’s need and the abilities of the spouse. The decision that is made must be in the best interest of the company. Gazyk normally does not rehire employees who have resigned or who have been terminated for any reason.

Any violation of this Policy may subject the employee to disciplinary action.