Gazyk | Conflict of Interest Policy
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Conflict of Interest Policy

All Gazyk directors, officers and employees must avoid situations which involve, or could appear to involve, conflicts between their personal interests and the interests of Gazyk companies or of Gazyk customers. Any personal loans by Gazyk to directors, officers or other employees (or any family members) or any guarantees of obligations, are prohibited, unless approved by Company Founder.

Gazyk employees are expected to put Gazyk business interests ahead of their own. Information about Gazyk business or prospective business must not be used for personal gain or to compete with Gazyk, directly or indirectly, in the purchase or sale of property or other interests. Gazyk employees must not work for a competitor of Gazyk while at the same time working for Gazyk. In addition, Gazyk employees must not be directors, officers, agents, or consultants of companies competing against Gazyk. Sometimes Gazyk employees and members of their immediate families have active interests in other businesses. Relationships between these businesses and Gazyk must be avoided, unless specifically approved by the Founder. Finally, Gazyk property, such as equipment, financial assets or confidential information must be used only for proper Gazyk purposes.

Any violation of this Policy may subject the employee to disciplinary action.