Gazyk | Business Ethics Policy
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Business Ethics Policy

Gazyk is committed to, and expects from its employees, the highest ethical standards of business conduct and compliance with laws and regulations in the countries and business segments where we operate. The Company obtains business through well-trained and motivated people who are dedicated to customer service through the provision of high quality services and products. Gazyk does not solicit or maintain business through illegal conduct or practices of unfair competition such as price fixing, collusion with competitors, or deceptive trade practices. Employees should not accept (nor provide) gifts of more than token value from (or to) any company or individual that does business with Gazyk, or seeks to do so.

Gazyk expects all employees to raise concerns and to ask questions when issues arise. Employees are encouraged to contact their line or functional manager to resolve issues of concern. Other available options for employees include contacting an appropriate functional representative (in the Personnel, Legal, Finance, or other department). It is the responsibility of line and functional management to make sure that appropriate issues of concern are brought to the attention of upper management.

Any violation of this Policy may subject the employee to disciplinary action.