Gazyk | Anticorruption Policy
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Anticorruption Policy

Gazyk competes vigorously, but fairly in all countries and business segments in which it operates. This is based on the superior quality, productivity and value of its products, services, and employees. The Company does not obtain any business advantage through bribery, improper payments or any illegal means.

Gazyk, its employees, and persons or entities acting on its behalf are strictly prohibited from offering, paying, or authorizing anything of value to a Government, public or company official to influence or reward any act of an official or to gain any improper business advantage. In addition, the direct or indirect offer, payment, solicitation, or acceptance of bribes in any form is strictly prohibited. Moreover, no contributions of Gazyk funds or assets shall be made to political parties or organizations, or their leaders, or to candidates for any public office.

This Policy also applies to any activities on behalf of Gazyk conducted through a relationship or arrangement with any non-employee that is intended to assist a Gazyk company in obtaining or retaining business. This also applies to anyone acting on behalf or in the interest of Gazyk, including consultants, sponsors, or advisors. Where a country’s law governing corrupt practices requires that certain internal accounting controls be implemented and monitored to ensure compliance, then such controls must be followed by all employees.

Any violation of this Policy could result in the civil or criminal prosecution of Gazyk and the persons involved. Internally, any violation of this Policy may subject the employee to disciplinary action.